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Oliver is one of the UK and Europe's leading close up magic performers, and a member of The Magic Circle.

He is based in Essex, but performs regularly in London, Europe and internationally. 

Oliver is a young yet extraordinary, up-and-coming magician, who recently won ‘Close Up Magician of the Year’ award which can be added to his already impressive list of awards.

 With performances across Europe, including our very own London Savoy Hotel, it hasn't taken Oliver’s famous reputation long to spread.  His multi-award winning close up magic has impressed professional magicians, celebrities and non-magicians.

Absolutely mesmerising and thoroughly entertaining

- The Walt Disney Company


'Excellent' - Astro - UB40 ​

'Best thing I have seen in the last 10 years' - Jeremy Singer, member of The Magic Circle

Oliver's magic was the perfect addition to our corporate event.  He has a great variety of tricks and definitely impressed the crowd. Fantastic



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